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About Nikkei BP

As a magazine media and book publishing arm of the Nikkei Group, we publish across the three main categories of “Business & Management,” “Technology” and “Lifestyle” in both print and digital formats.

Our books are published not only in Japan but also around the world in a variety of languages through our license partners.

What differentiates Nikkei BP

01 Our size and reach

More than 550 new books published
each year

Exceeding 120
monthly pageviews
across our web media

Over 2
annual subscribers to
our print magazines

02 Crossing borders

Having sold the foreign rights of more than 600 books, we are capable of offering the smoothest possible workflow for publishers wishing to translate and publish our content in their local languages.

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Foreign rights agent
Partner publisher

03 Covering more than 40 industries
and sectors

Introduction of our internationally
licensed books


“The Philosophy of Top Management – Kazuo Inamori and His Followers”

Rights sold to China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam

Featuring a long interview with Kazuo Inamori, Japan's renowned business leader, and the experiences spoken by his apprentices, this book seeks to find the answers to such fundamental questions as “What is expected of being a top manager?” and “What are the personal qualities to become a top manager?”

<Self help>

“12 Basic Skills to Build Your Career”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam

Did you know there are “12 basic work skills” that are needed before trying to acquire any work-related knowledge, technique or qualification? This book introduces when and how to work on forming this foundation in order to advance your career throughout your life. It is a long-seller book in its 10th print run.


“The Secret of Why We Shop at IKEA”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand

What is it that enables IKEA to attract so many enthusiastic fans around the world? This book unveils the secrets of IKEA's global popularity from the design point of view. IKEA's goal is to go all the way to identify the various issues that consumers face in their daily lives and present the solutions for a better living.

<Japan travel>

“Japan's Legacy Architecture”

Rights sold to China and Taiwan

This guidebook introduces the must-see historical architecture sites in Japan, covering the well-known masterpieces such as Horyuji, the world's oldest wooden structure, the Akasaka Palace, the State Guest House built in 1909 with influences from the Palais du Louvre. The text, the photographs and the highly detailed illustrations are sure to fascinate all readers.

Many more are traveling far and wide

Company Profile


Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Head Office

4-3-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8308 Japan


400 million yen

Date of Incorporation

April 5, 1969

Number of Employees

763(As of December 2016)
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