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At the Forefront of Cross Media

Delivering Cutting-Edge Information on Management, Technology, and Life

Nikkei Business Publications is a cross-media company that provides businesspeople with high value-added information on management, technology, and life.

First established as a group company of Nikkei, Inc in April 1969, Nikkei Business Publications has grown into one of the largest providers of cutting-edge information, content, and services in the specialized fields. In addition to the primary business in print and online, we offer an array of businesses and services, such as exhibitions, seminars, customized publishing, research, and consulting, to meet a variety of client needs.

In July 2008, we integrated with Nikkei Home Publishing (established in March 1982), a frontier of lifestyle magazines, and made a fresh start as new Nikkei Business Publications. Our broad coverage – now extended to the three major realms of management, technology, and life – makes us a unique and unrivaled publisher.

We deliver the latest information to businesspeople useful both for their business and private lives through our various media platforms, such as magazines, books, PCs, cell phones, seminars, and exhibitions. We are always with our readers and markets. That is why we can reach and make an impact on the audience, and that is the source of our strength.

Team of Specialists in Editing, Advertising, and Sales / Marketing

Our utmost editorial advantage lies in having staff writers, or specialized in-house writers, some of whom having qualifications such as Information Processing Engineers or first-class architects. These specialist journalists gather information first-hand from their own sources and swiftly write quality articles in an easy-to-understand manner.

We conduct various surveys of interest to our advertisers, including advertisement recognition surveys and corporate image surveys, to back up their marketing efforts. To ensure fairness and accuracy, our circulation figures are audited by Japan Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Subscribers' personal data are strictly managed at Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services. Important sales and statistical data, such as subscription renewal rates, are fed back to sales staff to be effectively used for the next marketing activities. For the magazines sold at the stores, we fully utilize POS data and other uniquely-gathered data for appropriate distribution. We offer custom publishing service for our corporate customers as well. Whether for promotion, in-house training, or PR, our rich editorial resources can meet the specific need of every one of our clients.

At the Forefront of Cross Media

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