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International Licensing

Forming Partnerships to Provide Information around the World

Many of Nikkei BP's B-to-B magazines utilize the cutting-edge information provided by leading overseas magazines and newspapers. Presently, we partner with numerous titles worldwide, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, Caixin of China, Business Today of India, and many more in highly specialized fields of IT and healthcare.

The network of our three sales offices and four editorial bureaus across the world, combined with these partnerships, further adds depth to the news and analyses that Nikkei BP offers to the readers.

We grant an editorial license of Nikkei Health to Health and Beauty Magazine of China. We also partner with Chemical Industry Press and provide our biotechnology content to Nikkei Biotechnology & Business China.

In Taiwan, we have an editorial license agreement with Cite Publishing Holding Group to offer Nikkei Business content to the Business Weekly magazine. Also, the editorial content of Nikkei Money is provided to Smart Magazine.

Requests for publication rights of Nikkei BP books in foreign languages are increasing, especially from China, Taiwan, and South Korea. In 2012 alone, we provided copyrights for 69 Titles, and in total, copyrights for more than 310 Nikkei BP titles have been granted to overseas Publishers from 2002. Recently, the areas of interest have been expanding from IT / Internet-related issues to finance, economy, education, and services.

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Global Marketing

Health and Beauty Magazine, Nikkei Biotechnology & Business China and Business Weekly: Our highly targeted content is popular also among the Chinese readership.


Global Marketing

Our books are licensed to leading book publishers mainly in Korea and Taiwan, winning strong support of the local readers.


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