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Nikkei BusinessNikkei Business

Nikkei Business

November 2, 2015

Feature Story

Long-Seller Business Leaders Gather to Discuss Their “100-Year Hit” Ideas
―Proposals by the Committee to Nurture 100-Year Hits comprising 13 business leaders plus university professors―


Triple Listing of Shares by Three Privatized Japan Post Companies
―Moves underway to boost “growth stock” expectations―

Series: Perennially Profitable Companies

Goldwin Boosts Bottom Line for 7 Straight Years
―Product and sales power polished at directly managed stores―

Special Report

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ready to Restructure
―What changes will transformation of Japan’s “Machinery Department Store” bring to the industry?―

Nikkei Business Culture

<Sports> ―“Tag” Catching on for Visions of Childlike Innocence―

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