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Nikkei BusinessNikkei Business

Nikkei Business

December 21, 2015

Feature Story

The “Sharing Economy”―New Global Common Wisdom Descending upon Japanese Shores
―Can Uber, Airbnb and other emergent “sharing powers” pierce the armor of Japan’s fierce market regulation?―

Inspiration & Direction

“Ideals are a company’s charter―it is the job of corporate leaders to build their dreams on that cornerstone”
Yoji Ohashi, Corporate Counselor of ANA Holdings

Special Report

Key Figures from Japan and U.S. Huddle for Second “Mt. Fuji Conference”
―Talks focus on how to confront the “Rise of China”―

Corporate Research

WORKMAN Corporation-Blue Collar Work Wear Gulliver
―Now maneuvering to evolve as a casual youth fashion power―

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