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Nikkei Electronics
June 2019
The powered exoskeleton that turns you into a cyborg just by wearing it
—Work and daily life poised to change greatly—
May 2019
Robot manufacturing sector opens to easier access
—The wave of horizontal specialization is upon us—
April 2019
Development of the 5G Smart Phone
A view of the future seen in the MWC19
March 2019
Waking up to latent fuel cell technology
Commercialization proceeds overseas
February 2019
Land, sea, and air: mobility moves into a dream era
January 2019
Stepping up innovation
December 2018
Battery charging technology: the future of EV depends on it
November 2018
Sony’s plans for winning out in the space business
October 2018
Materials development with AI: no time to waste!
September 2018
High-speed data calculating machine to bring both destruction and creativity
August 2018
VR base broadens
July 2018
It’s here! A society that runs on storage cells
June 2018
Re-booting IoT
May 2018
Revolution in the sky: it all starts with motorization
April 2018
Going for 5G
March 2018
Automotive sensors: “Annals of the Three Kingdoms”
Can LiDAR survive the age of automatic driving?
February 2018
Artificial intelligence: the road to the superhuman
January 2018
Toyota, Murata, TDK: on the edge of all-solid state battery commercialization
—If necessary, effect shift to EV/IoT—
December 2017
As the trend toward electronic cars accelerates, engines rapidly become small and light
November 2017
AI speakers arrive in Japan: API rules home electronics
October 2017
Creating the desired materials “in waves”
September 2017
Moore’s law: re-booting with EUV
August 2017
The blockchain: child of the IoT revolution
July 2017
Ubiquitous AR
June 2017
A computer that fits in the ear
May 2017
The camera that sees all
April, 2017
Sense of touch: the haptic feedback revolution
March, 2017
Safe design: top, immediate priority
--Issues not confined to Note 7
February, 2017
Acceleration of post-Li-ion batteries
Existing technology has only five more years