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Nikkei Computer No.1 information technology magazine
Nikkei Computer

Nikkei Computer comprehensively covers information systems and networking for key people in charge of developing, building and promoting the use of corporate systems, and aims to contribute to the development of advanced information systems and the evolution of IT and related industries. To its core readership of information systems managers and IT decision makers, Nikkei Computer introduces technologies, products and markets related to information and communications as well as information systems and management strategies of user companies.

Core readership
  • Managers of information systems
  • Information technology decision makers
ABC(Japan ABC, Circulation)
First published
October 1981
Semi-monthly + 2 special issues per year
Modified A4 (210 x 280 mm)
Four-color offset lithography
Sales method
Exclusively by annual subscription (direct mail delivery)


Nikkei Computer


Subscriber Profile

Key executives of IT user companies

Subscriber Profile

From the reader profile survey (questionnaire mailing survey conducted in October 2011 by Nikkei BP Consulting)

Advertising Rates

(Thousand yen)
SIZE UNIT 1x 3x 6x 12x 18x 24x 36x 48x
Double-page spread
before Special Feature
2,596 2,531 2,492 2,440 2,388 2,336 2,284 2,232
Page facing editorial features* 1,359 1,325 1,304 1,277 1,250 1,223 1,196 1,169
Four-color 1 page 1,236 1,204 1,187 1,162 1,137 1,113 1,088 1,063
Two-color 1 page 1,032 1,005 991 970 950 929 908 888
B&W 1 page 856 833 822 805 788 771 754 736
Four-color 1/3 page 462 450 444 435 425 416 407 398
B&W 1/3 page 320 312 307 301 295 288 282 275


Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Jan.10 2019 Jan.8 Nov.22 Dec.11
Jan.24 Jan.22 Dec.5 Dec.31
Feb.7 Feb.5 Dec.20 Jan.15
Feb.21 Feb.19 Jan.9 Jan.28
Mar.7 Mar.5 Jan.23 Feb.12
Mar.21 Mar.19 Feb.7 Feb.26
Apr.4 Apr.2 Feb.20 Mar.11
Apr.18 Apr.16 Mar.6 Mar.26
May 2 Apr.27 Mar.20 Apr.8
May 16 May 14 Mar.27 Apr.15
May 30 May 28 Apr.10 May 7
Jun.13 Jun.11 May 2 May 21
Jun.27 Jun.25 May 16 Jun.4
Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Jul.11 Jul.9 May 30 Jun.18
Jul.25 Jul.23 Jun.12 Jul.1
Aug.8 Aug.6 Jun.26 Jul.16
Aug.22 Aug.20 Jul.4 Jul.24
Sep.5 Sep.3 Jul.19 Aug.13
Sep.19 Sep.14 Aug.1 Aug.26
Oct.3 Sep.30 Aug.20 Sep.6
Oct.17 Oct.12 Sep.2 Sep.23
Oct.31 Oct.29 Sep.18 Oct.8
Nov.14 Nov.12 Oct.1 Oct.21
Nov.28 Nov.26 Oct.16 Nov.5
Dec.12 Dec.10 Oct.31 Nov.19
Dec.26 Dec.24 Nov.14 Dec.3
Jan.9 2020 Jan.7 Nov.21 Dec.10

Space Units

Millimeters (W x H)
Full page 210 x 280*
Double-page spread 420 x 280*
Vertical 1/3 page 55 x 255

*Ad material should be made in 216 x 286 mm or 426 x 286 mm size to avoid white lines at edges. Important elements, such as text, logotypes, symbol marks, and illustrations, that must not be trimmed should be within 10 mm of all register marks.


Material Requirements

  • Software application: Illustrator, Photoshop (Macintosh Japanese version only), InDesign
  • Delivery: Via FTP or in CD/DVD
  • Must be sent with low-resolution PDF and completed checksheet, which can be downloaded from
  • All Japanese fonts except for those specified in the checksheet must be outlined.

If you wish to translate your ad material into Japanese, please consult your nearest sales representative or any Nikkei BP office for our translation service.

Advertising proofs are not provided for approval.

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