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Nikkei Design

Nikkei Design is a monthly design magazine for designers, corporate managers and businesspeople engaged in product development. Through abundant case studies, the magazine studies in depth and uncovers what is required of a design that sells and how to achieve it. Nikkei Design is a suitable vehicle to promote universal design, CG/CAD software, printers, design schools, graphics related products and services as well as materials.

Core readership
  • Designers
  • Corporate managers
  • Businesspeople engaged in product development
ABC(Japan ABC, Circulation)
First published
July 1987
Modified A4 (210 x 280 mm)
Four-color offset lithography
Sales method
Exclusively by annual subscription (direct mail delivery)


Nikkei Design


Subscriber Profile

An essential publication for designers, product planners, and everyone involved in designs that sell

Subscriber Profile

From the reader profile survey conducted in 2003 by Nikkei BP Consulting

Advertising Rates

(Thousand yen)
SIZE UNIT 1x 3x 6x 12x 18x 24x 36x
Four-color 1page 522 508 494 482 469 457 443
Two-color 1page 428 417 406 397 385 375 364
B/W 1 page 306 299 291 283 276 268 260
Four-color horiz. 1/2 page 296 289 281 274 267 259 252
Four-color vert. 1/3 page 176 172 167 163 159 154 150
B/W horiz. 1/2 page 182 178 173 168 164 159 155
B/W vert. 1/3 page 115 112 109 107 104 101 98


Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Feb.2019 Jan.22 Dec.5 Dec.31
Mar. Feb.22 Jan.14 Jan.31
Apr. Mar.21 Feb.11 Feb.28
May Apr.20 Mar.12 Apr.1
Jun. May 22 Apr.4 May 1
Jul. Jun.22 May 15 Jun.3
Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Aug. Jul.20 Jun.11 Jun.28
Sep. Aug.22 Jul.9 Jul.26
Oct. Sep.21 Aug.13 Aug.30
Nov. Oct.22 Sep.10 Sep.30
Dec. Nov.22 Oct.14 Nov.1
Jan.2020 Dec.21 Nov.13 Dec.2

Space Units

Millimeters (W x H)
Full page 210 x 280*
Double-page spread 420 x 280*
Horizontal 1/2 Page 180 x 125
Vertical 1/3 page 55 x 255

*Ad material should be made in 216 x 286 mm or 426 x 286 mm size to avoid white lines at edges. Important elements, such as text, logotypes, symbol marks, and illustrations, that must not be trimmed should be within 10 mm of all register marks.


Material Requirements

  • Software application: Illustrator, Photoshop (Macintosh Japanese version only), InDesign
  • Delivery: Via FTP or in CD/DVD
  • Must be sent with low-resolution PDF and completed checksheet, which can be downloaded from
  • All Japanese fonts except for those specified in the checksheet must be outlined.

If you wish to translate your ad material into Japanese, please consult your nearest sales representative or any Nikkei BP office for our translation service.

Advertising proofs are not provided for approval.

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