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Nikkei Digital Marketing Practical information magazine introducing how to make use of the state-of-the-art marketing approaches for more effective business strategy
Nikkei Digital Marketing

As consumers are becoming more particular about where to spend their money, Nikkei Digital Marketing shows how to employ the state-of-the-art marketing approaches and enhance business strategy, based on the analyses of advanced users’ examples. Through three different media of the Internet, magazine, and face-to-face seminars, it provides useful information fast, in detail, and in an easy-to-understand way.

Core readership
  • People in charge of marketing communication activites or customer contact systems
ABC(Japan ABC, Circulation)
First published
Octover 2007
Modified A4 (210 X 280mm)
two-color offset lithography
Sales method
Exclusively by annual subscription (direct mail delivery)

Nikkei NET Marketing


Subscriber Profile

The core readers are those in charge of developing digital
technology-driven marketing strategies.

Subscriber Profile

From the reader profile survey conducted in October 2011 by Nikkei BP Consulting / RJC Research

Advertising Rates

(Thousand yen)
SIZE UNIT 1x 3x 6x
Four-color 1 page 400 380 350


Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Feb. 2018 Jan. 23 Dec. 13 Dec. 29
Mar. Feb. 23 Jan. 19 Feb. 1
Apr. Mar. 23 Feb. 16 Mar. 1
May Apr. 21 Mar. 20 Apr. 2
Jun. May 23 Apr. 16 May 2
Jul. Jun. 23 May 22 Jun. 4
Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Aug. Jul. 21 Jun. 18 Jun. 29
Sep. Aug. 23 Jul. 17 Jul. 30
Oct. Sep. 22 Aug. 20 Aug. 31
Nov. Oct. 23 Sep. 18 Oct. 2
Dec. Nov. 23 Oct. 22 Nov. 2
Jan. 2019 Dec. 22 Nov. 20 Dec. 3
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