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Nikkei Business 50th Anniversary Advertorial Package

The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing in various aspects of industry and the advent of an AI-based society is approaching. Competition among companies is developing globally and the Japan’s population is become superannuated, necessitating implementation of work style reforms searches for new ideals for the nation.

In a time of these types of turbulent change, the visions and strategies espoused by each company are serving as paths leading the way into the future. Nikkei Business is planning the Beyond Paradigm—Preceding Innovation and Creation to mark its 50th anniversary.

We will create paths to the future through innovation and support your company’s efforts as a leader in Japan’s new era.

50th Annibersary

Advertorial Package

Nikkei Business 50th Anniversary Advertorial Package

We will create paths to the future through innovation and support your company's efforts as a leader in Japan's new era.


Hit products and services for the next generation

We conduct interviews to search the depth of it. You can emphasize know-hows you’re your company holds, new products and services under development, and so forth.


ESG /SDGs Vision

Amid the expansion of investment in ESG and growing attention to SDGs as an action guidelines, you can emphasize here your company's ESG management.


NEXT Innovators

You can deliver the contents of your company from the viewpoint of people (TOP), goods (products / services) and vision to communicate the attraction with stakeholders


Companies celebrating anniversary of foundation – Their next strategies

An advertisement planning targeting both ventures having their several years anniversary and companies celebrating their milestone anniversaries.


Top management talks about the business strategy in innovation

Via an interview with the top management, you can directly communicate the themes your company is focusing.


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