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Awarding Activities

Acting as a Bridge to Introduce Achievements of Professionals to the Public

Nikkei BP currently presents two awards, "Nikkei BP Advertising Awards" and "Japan Innovators Award."

Nikkei BP Advertising Awards aims to stimulate development of advertising in wide-ranging business-to-business fields, including economy/management, electronics/machinery, network, construction, and healthcare.

"Japan Innovators Award" aims to revitalize the country's economy and acknowledges innovators who have unique ideas and the strong will to bring them to reality.

In addition to these, there are several awards presented by individual magazines, including "Nikkei Restaurants Menu Grand Prix," a contest of 'practical recipe ideas by the pro for the pro,' "Woman of the Year" given by Nikkei Woman to leading women for their outstanding accomplishments in the year, and "IT Japan Award" given by Nikkei Computer to acknowledge distinguished yet less known information systems.

Selected from a journalistic point of view, all of these awards aim to recognize and make the public aware of the outstanding achievements of professionals.

Awarding Activities

Nikkei BP commends and awards achievements that support Japan's industries tomorrow. Our awards are symbols of the highest achievements in business and technology.

Awarding Activities


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