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Books and Custom Publishing

Long sellers and the books on hot subjects

Nikkei Business Publications is also focusing on publication of books, mooks (magazine + book), and customized publications. Nearly 400 titles are published yearly as books and mooks, while 50 titles of customized periodicals, such as membership magazines, are published yearly upon requests from corporations.

Along with the Book Publishing Bureau that plays a central role in book publication, the editorial department of each magazine and newsletter publishes a variety of specialized publications in forms of special issues, mooks, and books, leveraging the expertise in each field. Since these editors know best what the needs of the readers are and how to provide information that meets their needs, their publications also gain strong support among the people in educational institutions including colleges. Our custom publications, produced by editorial staff who are well-versed in magazine-making, have a high reputation for the quality.

Most of our direct-sales books are highly specialized and are publicized in our magazines of related fields. Some of the books can be purchased both directly from us and at stores. Others are available in the form of e-books and content for mobile phones.


Foreign books in translation are one of our strength in book publishing. The series such as Visionary Company is a super long seller we proudly produce. Milton Freedman's Shihonshugi to jiyu (original title: Capitalism and Freedom) and Peter Drucker's Management in Nikkei BP classics series, which revisit classic books with new translation, are also popular. Jinsei no odo (The high road in life) and Ogura Masao: Keieigaku (Masao Ogura's theory of management) are both long-selling standard books of management.

Our recent successes include Steve Jobs, kyoi no purezen (original title: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs), which acquired far more readers beyond the number of Apple fans, Business Twitter (original title: Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods), and Nihonkeizai ga tenitoruyoni wakaruhon (A book that gives you clear and distinct ideas about the Japanese economy).

Custom Publishing

Nikkei BP Consulting, one of our group companies, has custom publishing department. We edit and produce a wide range of publications for our clients, i.e., credit card company's membership magazines for gold card holders, airline's in-flight magazines, financial institution's finance guide for beginners, IT company's technical information magazines, PR publications of colleges and government offices, and books and mooks published by corporations and corporate managers. Our periodical custom publications have a particularly high reputation. Some 50 titles big and small have been produced in 2010 by 100 staff with experience and expertise, including editor-in-chiefs of our magazines.

Some of our books become longtime sellers covering topics that will always be of interest regardless of the times, while others cover the hottest topics in a highly timelly fashion.

Our custom magazines are known for their high editorial quality which equals that of paid magazines.


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