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How to Purchase Our Magazine

[NOTE: This information is for residents outside Japan only]
Subscription to the magazines of NikkeiBP is available to residents outside Japan as well. You can also purchase our magazines on a single-copy basis. BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR MAGAZINES ARE WRITTEN IN JAPANESE.

Subscription Information

If you live outside Japan, subscription to our magazines is available only in one-year periods. Charges are made in Japanese yen and payment is accepted by credit card only.
Subscription orders are accepted by fax only. If you are interested in subscribing to our magazines, please fill out, print and fax the attached subscription form to +813-5696-1122. <SUBSCRIPTION FORM IS HERE> Online subscription is also available in Japanese. <ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION IN JAPANESE>

One-Year Subscription Fee in JPY

Zone 1: Asia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Midway Islands
Zone 2: North America, Central America, Oceania, Middle East, Europe
Zone 3: South America, Africa

Magazine Title Zone 1 Zones 2 & 3
Nikkei Business 34,000 34,000
Nikkei Business Associé 13,040 13,040
Nikkei Top Leader 15,470 15,470
Nikkei ESG 17,400 17,400
Nikkei Design 28,590 33,000
Nikkei Restaurants 18,800 18,800
Nikkei Electronics 24,230 24,230
Nikkei Monozukuri 13,580 13,580
Nikkei Automotive Technology 12,960 12,960
Nikkei Computer 25,310 28,230
Nikkei Systems 17,600 19,700
Nikkei Network 14,550 14,550
Nikkei Personal Computing 26,800 26,800
Nikkei Architecture 25,800 28,600
*32,600 for Zone 3
Nikkei Construction 22,200 24,500
*27,600 for Zone 3
Nikkei Home Builder 17,000 18,000
Nikkei Medical 14,000 18,000
Nikkei Healthcare 29,800 33,980
Nikkei Drug Information 15,600 19,600
Nikkei Biotechnology (newsletter) 170,800 170,800
Nikkei Health 12,240 12,240
Nikkei Entertainment! 11,880 11,880
Nikkei Real Estate Market Report (Japanese) 165,000 165,000
Nikkei Real Estate Market Report (English) 360,000 360,000


Single-Copy Purchase Information

Single copies of our magazines are available only through Overseas Courier Service. Please write to to tell the sales representatives where you live and which magazine(s) you wish to purchase. They, in turn, will get back to you with more detailed information including the price.

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