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Tradeshows and Seminars

Watch, Listen, and Touch – Delivering B-to-B Information through Face-to-Face Events

Ten Annual Trade Shows Attract a Total of 500,000 Visitors

Every year, Nikkei BP holds a number of B-to-B and B-to-C trade shows at major convention complexes in Japan, such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe, and Pacifico Yokohama. They cover a wide range of technology and management fields, including IT, electronics, human resources / general affairs, and gaming hardware / software. We host 10 trade shows a year regularly, in which a total of approximately 500,000 visitors participate.

We consider trade shows as a form of medium enabling direct experiences – opportunities for visitors to touch and learn about the products and services firsthand and for exhibitors to promote their products to their prospective customers face-to-face. Nikkei BP will continue staging even more effective communication opportunities with our cross-media approach combining events, magazines, and online media. Many of our trade shows hold seminars on related topics, too, to make the experience even more informative and enriched one.

The trade shows that Nikkei BP hosts or co-hosts are not complete without collaborative support of our related B-to-B magazines and online media. Our knowhow in publishing magazines is used to the fullest in designing the original exhibits and concurrently-held seminar programs. The collaboration with magazines and online media has proven enormously effective both in making announcements of the event to boost turnout and in delivering news during and after the event. With clear targeting, our events bring considerable benefits to both the sender (exhibitors) and the recipient (visitors) of information.

Timely B-to-B Seminars

In addition to trade shows, there are seminars and workshops organized in a timely manner by each of our magazines and online media.

Catching hot topics of the moment, our editorial staff swiftly put the idea into action; they select the seminar topic and speakers, making full use of the information, networks, and data built through their everyday news-gathering activities. In these seminars and workshops, too, our cross-media approach demonstrates its maximum strengths.

Major Events

event 02

The International Meeting Expo
Informative event for persons planning all sorts of events such as corporate meeting,academic forum, incentive travel where people get together

event 04

ITproEXPO is the comprehensive trade show on the application of information technology in corporations. Nikkei BP's ICT magazines and websites closely tied up with the event transmit information for 100 days around the exhibition period.

event 01

Tokyo Game Show is the world's largest international games and entertainment event for both business professionals and gaming fans in general.


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