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The Smart City Market Will Be Worth a Cumulative Total of 3,100 Trillion Yen for 2011-2030 - Nikkei BP Cleantech Estimates Based on Its Research on 100 Smart Cities Worldwide

Tokyo - September 27, 2010 - As smart city projects start across the world, Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Yasuo Hirata; Tokyo) has conducted a research on the smart city market and announced that the market size will be a cumulative total of 3,100 trillion yen for the next twenty years. A smart city is a new initiative aiming at sustainable growth with effective IT-based operation of energy and infrastructures and reduced CO2 and waste emissions.

Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute, Nikkei BP's think tank specializing in environmental and energy issues, studied 100 smart cities out of 300-400 smart city projects worldwide and, based on the data gathered, forecasted the smart city market. Of the elements constituting a smart city, energy-related industries (power grids, renewable energies including photovoltaics, batteries, next-generation automobiles, etc.) alone are projected to grow from what is approximately a 45 trillion yen market in 2010 to 180 trillion yen in 2020. The smart city market as a whole will reach a cumulative total of 3,100 trillion yen for 20 years up to 2030 (Figure 1). The investment in batteries, in particular, is expected to account for 50% of all the investment after 2020.

Furthermore, the entire market size will be well over a cumulative total of 5,000 trillion yen if markets in the related fields are included in the calculation, such as water infrastructure, smart housing, smart home appliances, operation and maintenance of the smart city equipment and devices, and services to visualize power consumption. The industries involved will be extensive, from manufacturing industries, such as electricity, electronics, and automobiles, to IT and communications, construction, and services, not to mention electricity and infrastructure.

The detail of the research is included in "Sekai-no smart city soran (Comprehensive Guide to Smart Cities of the World)" published on September 28 by Nikkei BP (research conducted by Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute and TechnoAssociates).

[Figure 1] Smart City Market – shown by item (cumulative)

[Figure 1] Smart City Market – shown by item (cumulative)

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