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International Conference and Exhibition “Social Innovation 2014” to be Held from October 29-31: Bringing together key domestic and international figures for in-depth discussion on challenges and solutions toward building the future society

Tokyo – January 23, 2014 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) announced on this January 17 to organize an international conference and exhibition titled “Social Innovation 2014” from Oct. 29 (Wed.) through Oct.31 (Fri.), 2014 at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan.

For creating a safe and secured society for future generations, various challenging issues are there to be solved—how we should tackle with aged infrastructure including bridges, tunnels and buildings, as well as the rapid progress of super-aging population, disaster prevention, and sufficient energy security even at the time of disaster. Innovation is also needed in the fields of health care and agriculture, as cited in Japan’s new growth strategy.

For stirring up such innovation in society, we must accumulate extensive knowledge from various quarters, and share them for repeated discussions. Furthermore, Japan needs to transfer such discussed approaches and practical solutions to emerging nations led by the Asia region, ultimately for achieving Japan’s own growth. With this in mind, Nikkei BP will organize Social Innovation 2014 to provide a platform for such opportunity.

Inheriting the core concept of Smart City Week expanded over the past three years, Social Innovation 2014 will be an international conference and exhibition aiming at building society beyond the border of “city” for next generation. The conference is held together with the exhibition presenting practical solutions in extended categories, such as “aged infrastructure management”, “disaster management/prevention”, “energy security/management”, and “next-generation health care”. In addition to these exhibits, the special showcase titled “Techno Impact” will be set up under the theme of “technologies and ideas supporting our future”.

Smart City Week still aims to be an international meeting for leading a thorough discussion on actual examples and business models of smart cities, bringing together more number of influential figures than the last year’s event, including key operators of smart city projects and national/regional government officials from around the world. The exhibition at Smart City Week will target and focus on suggesting solutions for Japanese regional governments and emerging nations in Asia among other prominent regions. The event is also committed to enrich the contents of workshops tailored for emerging nations.

Details of the Social Innovation 2014 programs will be uploaded on the special website (Social Innovation on the Web) as soon as fixed.

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