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Nikkei BP Organizes Steering Committee for Directing its International Conference and Exhibition “Social Innovation 2014”

Tokyo – April 23, 2014 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) organized the Steering Committee for “Social Innovation 2014” and held its inaugural meeting on Apr. 22, 2014. Social Innovation 2014 is the international conference and exhibition scheduled from this Oct. 29 (Wed.) through Oct.31 (Fri.) at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture.

In light of the annual convention Smart City Week expanded over the past three years in seeking solutions for urban issues, Social Innovation 2014 will feature the conference sessions held in conjunction with the exhibitions presenting advanced and practical solutions under specific themes such as “aged infrastructure management”, “disaster prevention”, “energy security/management”, and “next-generation health care”.

Stirring up innovations for solving social issues requires the accumulation of extensive knowledge from various sectors of industry and business. With this in mind, Nikkei BP organizes the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee for directing suggestions and program planning in prior to the event, with cooperation of leading companies from Japanese industry circles. Through active discussion at the Steering Committee, Social Innovation 2014 aims at providing adequate views on urban problems and solutions, and serving as a platform for dispatching and sharing appropriate information and knowledge. The members of the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee for Social Innovation 2014 are listed as below.

Advisory Board (as of April 22, 2014; in the order of Japanese syllabary)
Mr. Yoichi ISHIKAWA, Deputy General Director, Model Environment City Promotion Division, General Planning Department, Toyota City
Mr. Takao KASHIWAGI, Institute Professor, International Research Center of Advanced Energy Systems for Sustainability, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mr. Masato NOBUTOKI, Executive Director for Future City Promotion, Climate Change Policy Headquarters, City of Yokohama
Mr. Toshikazu MATSUOKA, Chief Executive, Environment Bureau, City of Kitakyushu

Steering Committee (as of April 22, 2014; in the order of Japanese syllabary)
Mr. Masahiro USUI, Daiwa House Industry
Mr. Hisakazu OKAMURA, Manager, Smarter Cities, IBM Japan
Mr. Masayuki KAWAMOTO, Toyota Motor
Mr. Masayoshi KUSUNOKI, Public Releations Department, Sekisui House
Mr. Tsuneo KOMATSUZAKI, Executive Director, Director of IS Research Institute, SECOM
Mr. Daisaku SAITO, Policy Supervisor, City of Toyama
Mr. Yoshio TANAKA, Professor, Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science
Mr. Hisatsugu TAMAMI, Head of Smart City and Energy Promotion Unit, Fujitsu
Mr. Ryosuke TOURA, Executive Manager, Planning & Development Division, Urban Development Business Unit, Tokyu
Mr. Akihiko TOBE, General Manager, Smart City Project Division, Hitachi
Mr. Takashi NAGAYA, Mitsui Fudosan
Mr. Kazuyoshi NASUBARA, Director, ecoBCP Business Promotion Office, Shimizu Corp.
Mr. Toru HASHIMOTO, Director, International Technical Cooperation Division, City of Yokohama
Mr. Shinsuke FUJISHIMA, Environmental Planning Department, Corporate Planning and Business Development Division, Nissan Motor
Mr. Kohei MIKI, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Deputy Chief, Department of ICT, HR & General Affairs, City of Chiba
Mr. Keisuke YANAGIYA, Department Manager, Smart City Business Developemnt Department, Business Development Division, NEC

To learn about updated schedule of international sessions and other programs planned during Social Innovation 2014, visit our dedicated website at :

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