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Detailing the Technology and Strategy of Japan's Manufacturing Sector; Announcing Japan's First English Language Resource "Japan Technology Report"

On June 5, 2014, Nikkei BP (Nikkei Business Publications, Head office: Tokyo, President: Kohei Osada) issues "Japan Technology Report", a specialized report service revealing cutting-edge technology and technical strategy in Japan’s manufacturing industry.

“Japan Technology Report” is a for-purchase report service produced by the highly specialized expert technical writers of Nikkei Business Publications (Nikkei BP). Experts in Japan’s manufacturing industry offer English-language reports from direct and individual interviews with people on the front line of Japan’s manufacturing industry about the technology being born and developed there. Tailored to the needs of companies around the world seeking to stay abreast of Japan’s manufacturing industry or insight into the specifics of Japanese technology, “Japan Technology Report” sheds light on information that, to date, was available primarily via academic conferences, seminars, etc., or publications for highly specialized and limited audiences. The first made available to the world are centered on automotive technology and include.

  • Inside Honda's State-of-the-Art Yorii Plant in Japan ; To Boost Global Cost Competitiveness
  • Japanese Manufacturers Hot on the Tail of US/European Firms in Self-Driving Cars ;
    Toyota,Nissan,and Honda Enter the Fray
  • Mitsubishi Motors Development Engineers Reveal Their PHEV Problems
  • New Engines Aiming for 60% Thermal Efficiency ; Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Rise to the Post-HEV Challenge
  • Nissan Puts Steer-by-Wire on the Road ; An In-Depth Look at the Technology
  • Making Cars with CFRTP ; Cheap and Ready for Volume Production

“Japan Technology Report” will be available via PDF and can be purchased on the Nikkei BP Technology website “Nikkei Technology Online”
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Check this site for summaries and samples for each report. The reports may also be purchased on UK- based

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