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Nikkei BP Marketing Awards Inaugural Winners Announced—KDDI Won Grand Prize

Tokyo – March 23, 2015 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) announced the winners of inaugural Nikkei BP Marketing Awards 2015.

Nikkei BP Marketing Awards aim to recognize the most effective promotional activities of its clients employing the full benefits of various media, contents and survey services provided by Nikkei Business Publications. The awarded campaigns and advertising pieces were screened by third-party experts under the criteria of creativity, novelty, impression, favorability, and planning excellence. Making one step forward from Nikkei BP Advertising Award held over the past years, Nikkei BP Marketing Awards broaden the scope of evaluation to include the methods and strategies of marketing campaigns as well as advertising pieces themselves.

The final meeting of the Screening Committee (Chairman: Professor Akihiro Inoue) held on this February 16 honored the 20 works of 20 companies selected from the projects promoted with Nikkei BP during 2014.

The awarding ceremony will take place on April 15, at Palace Hotel Tokyo in Chiyoda Ward.

[Grand Prize]
KDDI: Chiisana Soshiki no Miraigaku (Future studies on small and medium-sized enterprises)

[Creative Category]
<Best Creative Award>
Mitsubishi Electric: Sekai Shoko Kiko (Exploring Elevators & Escalators Around the World)

<Excellent Creative Awards>
ABC Trading: The Quality—Hinshitsu wa yuzuranai (No compromise to quality)
Open Stream: IT nidatte shokunin wa iru (Craftsmanship also exists in IT)
Sankyo Seiko: DAKS ANNIVERSARY 120
Sweden House: GENUIN
Linear Technology: Dust Networks

[Innovative Category]
<Best Innovative Award>
Asahi Breweries: Campanella

<Excellent Innovative Awards>
IBM Japan: Made with IBM
Japan Airlines: JAL SKY Wi-Fi service
The Japan Stroke Association and Boehringer Ingelheim Japan: Disease awareness campaign (The project to protect atrial fibrillation patients against brain damage)

[Strategy Category]
<Best Strategy Award>
Daiwa House Industry: Sustainable Journey

<Excellent Strategy Awards>
docomo Healthcare: Karada no Tokei WM (Body clock app)
Japan EnviroChemicals: Wooden Architecture Space Design Competition
Microsoft Japan: Microsoft Cloud
Japan Post: New year postcard project “Deai o tsumugu (The web of relationships)”
Hitachi: Social Innovation—It’s Our Future
Fujitsu: Genba no Sokojikara customer case studies
HEISHIN: Manufacturing in the HEISHIN way

[National Geographic Japan Advertising Award]
Rolex Japan: Deepsea

[Screening Committee Members] (Honorifics omitted)
Chairman: Akihiro Inoue, Professor, Keio University
Toru Ishizaki, Professor, Senshu University
Masao Koizumi, Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University/Koizumi Atelier
Hiroto Kobayashi, CEO, Infobahn
Mitsuo Sakai, CEO, Brains Gate
Hisamitsu Mizushima, Professor, Tokai University
Ryuichi Morishita, Professor, Graduate School of Osaka University
Hidenori Ioriya, Operating Officer in charge of advertising, Nikkei Business Publications

*Organization names and job titles are as of the date of the final Screening Committee meeting.

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