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Nikkei BP Ties with India’s Media Giant, India Today Group (ITG):
Investing in ITG’s Database Subsidiary to Promote B2B Operations in India

Tokyo – September 9, 2015 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) announced that it has entered into a business partnership with India’s leading media conglomerate, India Today Group (Chairman: Aroon Purie, Delhi).

Through this partnership, Nikkei BP and ITG will aim to develop and expand online B2B businesses in India, while also contributing to strengthening the economic ties between Japan and India by Nikkei BP disseminating India’s company and industry information in Japan and ITG disseminating Japan’s company and industry information in India.

The two companies have announced to initially collaborate on the following projects:

(1) Nikkei BP has acquired 20% stake in Integrated Databases India Ltd. (IDIL; headquartered in Delhi), a subsidiary of India Today Group. IDIL is a company/product database service provider that publishes C&I, Build Today, and other business directories covering one million of India’s small and medium-sized enterprises. The company also operates “indiabizsource” ( which is a B2B marketplace website utilizing the database built over the years of publishing print directories. To this, Nikkei BP will add its know-how of successful online businesses to take “indiabizsource” further ahead.

(2) Nikkei BP and ITG will jointly organize business conferences and exhibitions in India. The featured themes will include “manufacturing”, “smart cities”, “social innovation”, “human resources development”, and “food”.

Nikkei BP’s President and CEO Kohei Osada said, “Fast-growing India is an exciting and challenging market for Nikkei BP to expand its global operation. We believe our wealth of experience and know-how in providing B2B services will surely help us succeed in India. Through partnering with the country’s trusted media house India Today Group, we hope to produce steady growth.”

India Today Group’s Chairman Aroon Purie said, “We are delighted to partner with Nikkei BP for our B2B services venture. We see this space growing exponentially in the coming years and our partnership will help us learn from experiences of Nikkei BP as the Group has been very successful in this space.”

About India Today Group:
ITG is India’s leading media conglomerate engaged in magazine and newspaper publishing, TV broadcasting, printing, distributing publications and education. Its flagship print magazines include India Today (a weekly news magazine), Business Today (a business news magazine) , Reader’s Digest in addition to publishing a number of Lifestyle magazines like Cosmopolitan , Good Housekeeping, Harper’’s Bazaar, Robb Report, etc . ITG also runs Aaj Tak, India’s largest Hindi news channel and India Today TV, a leading English news channel among other media vehicles.

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