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Nikkei BP Unveils New Digital Magazine Nikkei Global Gate on September 18!

Nikkei BP Unveils New Digital Magazine Nikkei Global Gate on September 18!

Tokyo - September 18, 2015 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) today unveils Nikkei Global Gate (Price: JPY400), a new digital magazine optimized for smartphones to deliver inspiring stories for globally-minded individuals.

Is it really a big deal to work in other parts of the world?

Over these recent years, Japanese youth are said to be losing interest in going abroad. Looking into the facts, however, there are actually many young people leaving Japan for other countries to make a breakthrough. Those who stand out globally share one thing in common—being free from the conventional Japanese way. Their “out-of-the-box” attitude is irresistibly attractive. Through interviews with internationally-renowned Japanese individuals and young people who left Japan for overseas in a “nonconformist way”, Nikkei Global Gate discovers clues hidden in their words for achieving success in overseas. Each story is filled with essential information and knowledge to survive in the global arena as well as know-how to have a confidence in using English.

New experience of reading on smartphone in one hand whenever you have time to spare

Nikkei Global Gate is a digital magazine pursuing convenience for readers to access quality contents anytime and anywhere on smartphones. Upgrading Nikkei BP’s know-how and layouts in print media, this new digital magazine pursues the page layouts designed and optimized for smartphone screen sizes. Access one of the following digital bookstores today and try a new experience of “reading on your smartphone”.

About Nikkei Global Gate:

Editorial Concept: Nikkei Global Gate is a digital magazine optimized for smartphones, offering inspiring stories for people pursuing their possibilities in global perspectives
Featured Stories: Feature 1: “Rules for being out-of-the-box to shine globally”
The story looks into common traits of globally successful people Individuals featured in the story include;
Kazuhiro Tsuji (Artist): “I didn’t feel any possibility in Japan.”
Takuma Kinjo (Entrepreneur in Africa): “I was unemployed but achieved a global success”
Kotaro Tokuda (Freestyle footballer): “You can go to other countries whenever you want”
Haruka Nakagawa (Girl pop-idol of JKT48): “I sensed that the place seemed absolutely fun”
Satoshi Sugie (Entrepreneur/WHILL): “I had no choice but to go to the U.S.”
Feature 2: “Sushi chefs crossing the border after one year of training”
The story reports on young trainees striving to master sushi-making skills in a short period. They aim to work as sushi chefs in overseas on the back of increasing global popularity for Japanese cuisine.
Target readers: Globally and independently-minded men and women in their 20s and 30s who aspire to find their career in overseas
On-sale Date: September 18 (Fri.), 2015
*The next issue is scheduled to be on sale in mid November, 2015.
Price: JPY400 (including tax)
Specification: Electronic magazine for smartphones, tablets and PCs

Sold at:
Nikkei Store, Kindle, Rakuten kobo, honto, Kinoppy and other electronic bookstores
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

For further details, please contact:
Global Business Division
Phone: +81-(0)3-6811-8311
Fax: +81-(0)3-5421-9804

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