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Nikkei BP Partners with Evernote:
Content Sharing with Nikkei Business Online, ITpro, Nikkei Technology Online and KEN-Platz

Tokyo - September 30, 2015 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) announced a business partnership with Evernote (CEO: Chris O’Neill; California, the US), the provider of Evernote application allowing its subscribers to save, view and share documents, images and other details on the Internet.

For the first phase of this partnership, the following two services are made available:

When an Evernote subscriber writes a note (document), the Context feature will automatically find and display useful and relevant articles from Nikkei BP’s four professional news sources: Nikkei Business Online, ITpro, Nikkei Technology Online and KEN-Platz. This helps to draft a business document with increased efficiency by referencing supplemental ideas and inspirational stories without surfing on the Internet.

Nikkei BP’s above four online media now carry the “Save” button to store a news article on Evernote. By just clicking on the button on the page of a news article, readers can save stories of their interest conveniently on Evernote, and use them later for information management or creating a document.

To learn more about this function, visit Nikkei BP “Guide to Synch with Evernote”

[Sample Screenshot]
Depending on what is written in a work in progress, the Evernote Context feature will display relevant business and industrial news from Nikkei BP websites as well as notes written by the subscriber.

The Nikkei Group and Evernote have already signed a content partnership for providing upgraded services. In March 2015, the Nikkei electronic edition published by Nikkei Inc. (President & CEO: Naotoshi Okada; Tokyo) started to synchronize its editorial content with Evernote.

This new collaboration between Nikkei BP and Evernote is to follow such steps. Nikkei BP continues to provide useful business sources and tools to increase convenience for knowledge workers in collecting and analyzing informative data for creating enriched documents.

Nikkei BP “Guide to Synch with Evernote”

About Nikkei BP Websites Synched with Evernote

  • Nikkei Business Online
    NBO is the business information website providing news and analyses in management and economy. New stories are updated every weekday.
  • ITpro
    ITpro covers everything in enterprise ICT, featuring selected stories from Nikkei Computer and other IT media published by Nikkei BP.
  • Nikkei Technology Online
    NTO is a comprehensive information source for engineers in manufacturing and other sectors. Highly specialized contents are available from the sub websites themed under automobiles, electronic devices, devices, energy, robotics, ICT, design/production and technology management.
  • KEN-Platz
    KEN-Platz is a website specializing in architecture, housing, infrastructure and real estate for industry professionals and those who want to learn professional knowledge. News and columns are updated daily.

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