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New Service "Nikkei IT Innovators" Starts from November 25:
Learn the essence of management innovation from 100 powerful business leaders

Tokyo – November 24, 2015 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Tokyo) launches a new ambitious service “Nikkei IT Innovators”, which aims to foster “business leaders who can make innovation happen”. The service is available exclusively to the members of Nikkei IT Innovators from this November 25.

Digitalization constitutes the essential part for any company to gain an edge over their competitors. Meanwhile, talents are severely scarce for companies to promote such digitalization projects. To find a breakthrough under the current situation, Nikkei IT Innovators will launch a new human resource development program providing hands-on experience, knowledge and skills necessary to become an “innovative business leader based on the full use of technology”.

Nikkei IT Innovators organizes a group of 100 Executive Members selected from business evangelists of powerful companies. These Executive Members will navigate discussion bringing together business professionals for the next generation (General Member), IT providers and consulting firms that will be possible partners of innovation (Supporting Member/Event Partner), as well as corporate managers and intellectuals (Advisory Board Member). Nikkei IT Innovators is the one and only platform facilitating frank exchange of opinions and delivering information on the ideal future of digital management innovation, and a totally new membership program for fostering “business leaders who can make innovation happen”.

The registered members of Nikkei IT Innovators will receive all necessary information to become a digital strategy leader, including; opportunities to participate in face-to-face meetings held 11 times a year, a premium member magazine (delivered monthly) featuring speeches and discussions from the meetings, and a DVD video (delivered monthly) capturing energetic scenes from the meetings.

[About Nikkei IT Innovators]

Philosophy and Action Policy

  • Invest aggressively in the IT sector for contributing to create and support companies aiming to achieve competitive advantages
  • Support “IT Innovators” who play a leading role in business projects and team management by using information technologies
  • Provide a platform to stimulate active discussion, exchange and mutual improvement among stakeholders
  • Inform stakeholders of the outcomes of efforts, and deliver related information to wider audience in society

General Member can brush up skills in;

  1. Leadership to motivate people and teams
  2. Communication tactics bridging between top management and projects
  3. Aggressive IT strategies making the full use of data and knowledge

Membership benefits include;

  1. Participation in member-only events held 11 times a year
  2. Member magazine delivered every month
  3. Video in the DVD disc delivered every month

Inviting registration from:
Business professionals with seven years or more experience in Information Systems division, Marketing division, Management Planning division, Internet Business Development division, Sales division, New Business Planning division, Business Restructuring division, or other related division of IT user companies

The services of Nikkei IT Innovators are available from November 25, 2015

Membership Fee (including tax): JPY11,800 per month
*The lump-sum payment for one year membership is JPY129,600.

For further details, please contact:
Global Business Division
Phone: +81-(0)3-6811-8311
Fax: +81-(0)3-5421-9804

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