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Nikkei BP to hold “CTO30 Conference” gathering top technology players of the leading companies, to give thorough advise to the next generation CTO candidates

Tokyo – April 14, 2016 –Nikkei Clean Tech Institute, a research institute of Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) will host the “CTO30 Conference” from April 16 (Sat.) in cooperation with Dream Incubator (DI), a strategic consulting and business development firm.

The conference is mainly targeted to the next generation of CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), for reviewing the future of technology and management, and providing a forum for discussion. The purpose of the conference is for the member enterprises to strengthen management knowledge, conduct networking, and make appeal to the society through the discussion, what the idea is to nurture a “strong Japanese company” to compete in the global world, and the necessary policy for realization.

Consumer needs are becoming diversified and individualized, also the life cycle of products and services are becoming short, so many companies are seeking a new business model and market to seek for change. To push the frontiers, companies need to make full use of its technology and human resources, and continue to challenge in the new area and ideas, or promote development of technologies to provide different value to the existing customers.

Upon this, a CTO who can see business from a technology point of view will play an important role. To achieve innovation, one need to assess the new value needed in the future society, together with required technology, and lead the company based on the management vision in light of.

On another front, a CTO or VP of Technology is facing numbers of challenges, such as gathering information for the technology strategy even for M&A, and selecting which technology to be focused on development. With that, Nikkei BP and DI are launching “CTO30 Conference” in order to answer these issues of the CTOs. To the member companies, useful information on technology strategy planning will be provided, and a forum for information exchange will be created that will lead to the future CTO network.

At the conference, examples of successful and failed cases of Japanese and global companies from a technology strategy point of view will be picked up, and the tactics that the CTOs have taken will be analyzed. Prominent CTOs and intellectuals are invited as lecturers, to share their experience, and at the same time, make opportunity for the participants to discuss their thoughts on benchmark of technology management and concept on evaluation.

In this program, three years is designed to be one cycle. The lecturers for the first year of the program are described below. Keynote speech by Kunio Noji, Chairman of the Board of Komatsu and Takaaki Takeuchi, Operating Officer of DI are planned. DI which holds abundant experience in business creation has backed up strongly in creating program and selecting lecturers. Nikkei BP is planning on continuing to cooperate with DI on the operation for this conference.

Lecturers (planned, company name in alphabetical order, DI lecturers excluded)

Omron: Kiichiro Miyata, Managing Executive Officer
Konica Minolta: Masatoshi Matsuzaki, Chairman of the Board
Komatsu: Kunio Noji, Chairman of the Board
GE Global Research Japan: Shinji Asakura, General Manager
Stratasys Japan: Hiroaki Katayama. President and CEO
Danaher: Yasuo Yamamori, Vice President
The University of Tokyo Policy Alternatives Research Institute: Koichi Ogawa, Senior Researcher
TOREY: Koichi Abe, Executive Vice President
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Research Institute Corporation: Yasuo Sando, Executive Counselor Chief Researcher Dept.
Panasonic: Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Senior Managing Director
Hitachi: Yoshiaki Ichikawa, Senior Chief Engineer
FUJIFILM: Yuzo Toda, Executive Vice President

bout Nikkei BP Clean Tech Institute

Focusing on technology management in the fields of environment, energy and social infrastructure, the Institute provides strategic support for companies eyeing to develop and expand cross-industrial partnerships, technology strategies, new business models, and global business reach.

About Dream Incubator Inc.

Dream Incubator Inc. (DI), “the business producing company”, is a strategic consulting and business development firm primarily for corporate clients and governmental institutions. Dream Incubator provides both capital and professional services to next-generation companies to support their growth and expansion, while also operating their own businesses as well.

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