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Nikkei BP Partners with Global Design Studio “nendo”
To help companies solve problems in an era where design thinking is required

Tokyo – July 26, 2016 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) announced a business partnership with nendo (Representative: Oki Sato; Tokyo), to start "bondo - Nikkei Design Lab × nendo", a design consulting service in the aim of providing corporate branding and creating innovation to companies.

Through the partnership of nendo, led by the world famous designer Oki Sato and Nikkei BP home to professional knowledge of management and technology, bondo will help solve variety of management issues in the era where the demand for "design thinking" is increasing for business.

The aim and meaning of the partnership

Nikkei BP owns "Nikkei Design Lab", an organization to perform consulting based on the study and research of brand development, and design development of various companies.

nendo has prolific experiences such as product design for LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group in France, branding for IHI, and Omni-Channel strategy for Seven & i Holdings in Japan. Armed with the power of imagination and creativity of the Representative Oki Sato, nendo is promoting a number of design projects in Japan and abroad.

Through this business alliance, resolution for various companies can now be resolved in a more speedy and multilateral way, by taking advantage of the features of Nikkei BP and nendo.

How the partnership works

It is essential to conduct in-depth research in prior to the major renovation of new business development and corporate branding. There are to clarify the issues that the company face, industry analysis, prediction of consumer trends based on interviews with key players in the industry, and planning the direction of the company. These surveys will be carried out in a short timeline by Nikkei Design Lab. Based on the research results, nendo will recommend viable ideas and design.

In addition, Nikkei BP also conducts various supports utilizing its editing ability and expertise.
Nikkei BP and nendo will cooperate on creating innovation such as new products, services, and also conduct business development, corporate branding, and marketing campaign development, which can be quickly carried out with high accuracy

Background of partnership

In foreign countries, mainly in the United States, the partnership between design office and strategy consulting firm is increasing, and the importance and value of designing in the business area is high. Designing is now used in solving the problems of the business, such as developing services and creating customer experiences, and is required by a wide range of areas.

In Japan, “design thinking” which utilizes the method in the process of developing design used when creating a strategic plan and business, that enables wide range of problem-solving is rapidly growing.

It requires rich imagination and communication skills utilizing the power of information and design for a company to make great advance. The need for creating new innovation by combining logical thinking and creativity will continue to grow rapidly in Japan. This partnership is to be the pioneer.

Regardless of B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer), in order to gain global recognition as a company that produces a high value, it is essential to create innovation and improve the brand power.

By multiplying the research and consulting capabilities of Nikkei Design Lab, and the creativity and idea of nendo, bondo will support Japanese companies from a creative perspective.

About Nikkei Design Lab

Nikkei Design Lab is a research and consulting organization of Nikkei BP focused on design. Based on the knowledge obtained through a variety of branding case studies and design development in the past, Nikkei Design Lab performs research and consulting of design and branding for enterprises. Also collaborates with a number of designers for solution to support companies from a creative perspective.

About nendo

nendo is a prolific design office producing a variety of design for architecture, interior, product, and graphics. Representative Oki Sato won numerous international design awards including for Wallpaper magazine (UK) and ELLE DÉCOR magazine. His works can be seen in major museums around the world such as the Museum of Modern Art of New York (USA), Centre Pompidou (France), and Victoria & Albert Museum (UK). In Japan, nendo has been involved in the corporate reformation that utilizes branding and design for a large number of companies including Seven & i Holdings and IHI, and is currently working on over 400 projects.

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