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Nikkei BP Appointed as Business Promoter for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's New Business Area Generating Project

Tokyo – August 10, 2016 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) announced its appointment as a business promoter for "Tokyo Lifestyle Nogyo (Farming)" a part of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s "New Business Area Generating Project" fiscal year 2016. For the branding of urban farming in Tokyo, Nikkei BP will take full advantage as a media house, to build networks with universities, research institutions, smaller enterprises, financial institutions, and through the discussions, consider business models in the new business areas.

In this project, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will support product development and commercialization for the business areas created by business models apart from conventional models. Tokyo has selected 2 projects - “Tokyo Lifestyle Nogyo (Farming)” and “Urban Development with Disaster Prevention Information” - as a business area that multiplies the existing and new fields, enhancing the attractiveness of Tokyo and encouraging growth.

Promote farming business matching lifestyle

Among the 2 projects, Nikkei BP will work on the promotion of Tokyo Lifestyle Nogyo (Farming) making the most of the rapidly developing IoT (Internet of Things) technology, aim to match the farming business into the life style of the people living in Tokyo.

There are free spaces around various places where people gather in no small extent, such as surroundings of station, commercial facilities, public space, schools, kindergartens, libraries, and restaurants. The same thing can be said about roof tops of buildings. And in recent years, the number of vacant houses and housing complex are increasing in the urban area which is becoming a social problem.

This project will generate farming utilizing the free space of these urban areas. City residents will conduct a local consumption model to grow their own vegetables and fruits, process them, distribute, and consume to activate the community. Producing a rich life style leads to energizing the city. Furthermore, therapeutic benefits and educational effect can be expected by providing a venue to interact with plants rare in the city.

Nikkei BP will collaborate with the relevant business and researchers to promote developing network, business model, and community in the actual field.

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