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Nikkei Woman Announces the Winners of its Woman of the Year 2017 Award:
Grand Prize Goes to the PR Producer of the Mega Hit Animation “Your Name.”

Tokyo – December 2, 2016 – Nikkei Woman, a women’s career and lifestyle magazine published by Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) announced the eight winners of its Woman of the Year 2017. The Award is to honor accomplishments of women who showed outstanding performance in various quarters.

The Grand Prize went to Ms. Tomoko Hazuma, PR Producer of the 19.4 billion yen* mega hit animation movie “Your Name.”, directed by Makoto Shinkai. Ms. Hazuma has been involved in the project from the planning stage, and led all PR and promotion activities.

“Your Name.” has been making a great hit through WOM mainly among teenagers, since its debut on August 26th, 2016. After three months from release, the film has brought in 19.4 billion yen*, and in the process taken over Japan’s all-time domestic box office list surpassing Studio Gibli’s “Princess Momonoke” (19.3 billion yen) and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (17.3 billion yen). Ms. Tomoko Hazuma has been committed to the film from the planning stage, and was involved in all activities including PR and promotion. She led the team and succeeded in making a block buster hit.

Ms. Hazama has joined the newly created Products & Licensing Dept., Motion Picture Group of TOHO CO., LTD. as the lead publicist in 2012. The department was created to focus on animation films. When Ms. Hazuma was in charge of Director Shinkai’s previous animation “The Garden of Words”, she has focused on its image beauty and conducted a very careful and thoughtful PR activity. As a result, the box office succeeded 100MM yen, which was a very rare case for a 46 minute length film. Director Shinkai says that Ms. Hazuma pursued to think about the appealing points of his film and created a strategy to maximize results. She is also very hard working, and he would like to work with TOHO again in his next film.

The PR concept of “Your Name.” was to become a film that the audience would want to watch during the summer holiday season. Ms. Hazuma led creating marketing material such as poster showing the large blue sky and a dramatic, rhythmical trailer. She has created recognition for the name Makoto Shinkai and the beautiful image of the film through paper media and digital sign board in town. Her precise PR strategy and leadership that led to creating a big boom was evaluated to become this year’s Grand Prize.
* Source: TOHO, as of November 28, 2016

The Grand Prize winner of the Woman of the Year 2017, Ms. Tomoko Hazuma

This Year’s Award winners were;

Grand Prize
Ms. Tomoko Hazuma, Producer, Animation & Live Feature, Production, Acquisition & Marketing, Products & Licensing Dept. Motion Picture Group, TOHO CO., LTD.
Ms. Hazuma is the key person who created a blockbuster “Your Name.”, breaking the record of Japan’s all-time domestic films with box-office revenue of 19.4 billion yen. It was reported in the media every day that it had achieved next highest results to Studio Gibli’s works as animation and became a social phenomenon.

Design Monozukuri Category
Ms. Chiaki Hayashi, Co-founder, Loftwork Inc.
Loftwork is a new–style creative agency that boasts a network of over 25,000 creators. Each year Loftwork rolls out projects including web, community and spacial design initiatives, led by Ms. Hayashi.

Career Development Category
Ms. Yoko Onishi, Professional Engineer (P.E. Jp), Project Manager, Jakarta Viaduct Project, Overseas Business Division, Obayashi Corporation
The first Japanese female overseas construction office director (chief executive at the construction site). Ms. Onishi is a working mother, organizing local staff in road improvement project to ease chronic traffic congestion in Jakarta, Indonesia, and also to improve economic effect.

Food Business Innovation Category
Ms. Sekai Kobayashi, Representative, Mirai Shokudo
Ms. Kobayashi opened a canteen in Jimbocho, Tokyo aiming for zero food loss. Her new trial is gaining attention such as “anyone that has worked for 50 minutes in the canteen gets one free meal”, and “customers can choose from the food material that the canteen has and order a menu”.

Parenting Support Business Category
Ms. Kanako Baba, CEO, Sun Clad
Ms. Baba developed school uniforms and gym clothes recycling stores, for junior high and high school students. She has outsourced uniform repair and laundry to elderly women and people with disabilities in the area. The system has expanded to 18 stores nationwide, from Miyagi to Kumamoto.

Innovative Monozukuri Category
Ms. Yuka Kojima, CEO, FOVE
Ms. Kojima believes that the future of storytelling is in game interactivity, and advocates making the best use of the eye-tracking and facial recognition technology. In the year 2016 which is the first year of VR, she developed "VR Head Mounted Display" with the world's first "eye-tracking" function and started sales in November.

Team 2017 Category
Ms. Masako Akiyama, Ms. Miho Suzuki, Joint Representative Director, NPO Maggie’s Tokyo
Opened “Maggie’s Tokyo” on October 10, which provide a space for people suffering from cancer, their relatives and friends. Collected 80 million yen by cloud funding and donation, for realization.

The Woman of the Year aims to contribute to;

  1. Present a role model for working women
  2. Highlight an individual’s achievements that are often buried within an organization
  3. Capture the edge of changes of the times through accomplishments of outstanding women

It is an annual award presented since 1999 and now is in its 18th year. Nikkei Woman has been supporting working women since it was first published in 1988. Through its Women of the Year Award honoring the accomplishments of outstanding women in society, the magazine will continue to support and motivate working women for the next generation.

The profiles of winners and details on the screening process and results are posted on the January issue of Nikkei WOMAN on sale from December 7, 2016.

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