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First “Architect of the Year” Goes to Mr. Kengo Kuma
– Designing New National Stadium, Shibuya Redevelopments, and New Shinagawa Station etc.

Tokyo – December 21, 2016 – Nikkei Architecture, a magazine for professionals in architecture field published by Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo), has selected Mr. Kengo Kuma, an architect and a professor of University of Tokyo, as “Architect of the Year 2017”, honoring the most anticipated individual in architecture field in 2017.
Mr. Kengo Kuma was born in Yokohama, 1954. After completing the graduate school of University of Tokyo in 1979, he established KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES in 1990. Since 2009, he has also worked as a professor of University of Tokyo.
He is currently working on three big projects representing the renovation of Tokyo, New National Stadium, Shibuya Redevelopments, and New Shinagawa Station. He has many other projects in the process of designing in regional cities and overseas as well. Meanwhile, he also plays the central role in the activity aiming at registering Yoyogi National Stadium as a World Heritage Site. He is exactly today’s “face of architecture industry.”

[Acceptance Comment]
Mr. Kuma gave us the following comments, responding to the news of being selected as “Architect of the Year 2017.”
“Architects are, in a sense, given a hard stare by the people. We are thought to be wasting the tax and causing environmental destructions. So, Architect of the Year is hard to be, the most disfavored position, but I think it is also our characteristics of architects to be able to change something tough into fun.”

[Selection Procedure]
“Architect of the Year” started this year, which we conducted in “Top 10 Architects 2017 selected by editorial department”, our special feature of December 22, 2016 as the 40th anniversary of Nikkei Architecture.
The selection criteria are “those who work in architecture industry, whose activities in 2017 are most notable for Nikkei Architecture, considering their achievements in 2016.”
10 pairs of candidates were first selected by editorial team members and interviewed individually. Based on this information, they took a vote within the editorial department and chose Mr. Kuma as the first “Architect of the Year.” The interviews of these 10 pairs including Mr. Kuma are covered in the feature article of December 22, 2016.

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