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Most Expected New Technologies in 2017: “Regenerative Medicine” comes First and “IoT” Second
Survey to business people conducted by Nikkei BP Intelligence Group

Tokyo - March 14, 2017 -Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, the specialized research unit of Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo), announced “New Technologies Ranking expected by Business People.” This ranking is the evaluation of business people’s expectation to new technologies based on the questionnaire, while our expectation toward innovation by new technologies has been increasing. Regarding 63 new technologies that were surveyed, introduced in the book “Nikkei Technology’s Outlook 2017: 100 Technologies to Change the World,” (published by Nikkei Business Publications) excluding similar technologies, we asked for their expectation in 2017 and 2022, 5 years later, and their recognition and interest at the time of the survey.

“Regenerative Medicine” ranked top as the most expected technology 2017 (Chart 1), followed by “IoT (Internet of Things)” in the second and “AI (Artificial Intelligence)” in the third. “Regenerative Medicine” also became the most expected technology in 2022, 5 years later. “AI” came in second and “Post Lithium-ion Battery for EV” the third. It is estimated that increasing interest in medicine and healthcare, now that Japan has welcome super-aging society, put “Regenerative Medicine” in the first place in both 2017 and 2022. “Drone” came in first in the ranking of recognition and interest at the time of the survey (Chart 3), followed by “3D Printer” in the second and “AI” in the third.

Chart 1
Top 10 Most Expected Technologies in 2017

rank Name Score (out of 100)
1 Regenerative Medicine 81.5
2 IoT (Internet of Things) 80.3
3 AI (Artificial Intelligence) 78.1
4 Machine Learning 77.1
5 Infrastructure Monitoring 76.5
6 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor 76.4
7 Liquid Biopsy 75.7
8 Disaster Information Use by SNS 74.3
9 Observant Care System for the Elderly 73.4
10 3D Printer 73.1

Chart 2
Top 10 Most Expected Technologies in 2022

rank Name Score (out of 100)
1 Regenerative Medicine 86.8
2 AI (Artificial Intelligence) 84.1
3 Post Lithium-ion Battery for EV 83.8
4 IoT (Internet of Things) 83.7
5 Machine Learning 83.4
6 Infrastructure Monitoring 83.2
7 Automatic Driving 82.4
8 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor 82.3
9 Liquid Biopsy 81.6
10 Next-generation Operation Assistant Robot 81.3

Chart 3
Top 10 Most Recognized and Interesting Technologies

rank Name Score (out of 100)
1 Drone 77.5
2 3D Printer 77.2
3 AI (Artificial Intelligence) 75.0
4 Automatic Driving 74.3
5 IoT (Internet of Things) 73.0
6 VR (Virtual Reality) 68.1
7 Observant Care System for the Elderly 62.3
8 Regenerative Medicine 61.2
9 Machine Learning 60.7
10 AR (Augmented Reality) 58.6

This survey was conducted by Nikkei Business Publications and Nikkei BP Consulting during the period from November 29 to December 16, 2016, in the name of “Questionnaire regarding management innovation and usage of new technologies” toward the users of Nikkei BP’s online media (Nikkei Business Online, ITpro, Nikkei Technology Online, Nikkei Medical ONLINE, Nikkei Architecture Online etc.) We collected 792 valid answers.

In the survey, we include the names and short explanations of technologies regarding electronics / machinery / production / energy, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), construction / civil engineering / housing, medical / healthcare / bio, and finance / service, such as AI, IoT, regenerative medicine and so on, asking for their recognition, interest and expectation of the recognized technologies. We consider as valid only the answers of those engaged in “management in general and planning” and “research and development / design and technology” or in “medical professions” and “construction and civil engineering professions.”

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