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Announcement: Nikkei BP’s book will turn into TV series

The author of Machikoba no musume (The Daughter of a Small Factory in Town), Ms. Takako Suwa, gains increasing attention from media, and the book will turn into TV series!

Tokyo – September 6, 2017 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) has announced its long-seller book Machikoba no musume (The Daughter of a Small Factory in Town) will be on broadcast as TV series. The book has been capturing attention from the public for its story and the author, Ms. Takako Suwa, “the female executive responsible for the next generation.” She has made several public appearances on magazines, newspapers and radio shows.

Daiya Seki Co., LTD, the headquarter located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, is a maker for measuring equipment, jigs and tools. The president of the company, Ms. Takako Suwa, wrote a book on how she unexpectedly became a president at the age of 32 from being an average housewife due to the sudden passing of her father who was the founder of the company, continuing to the account of 10 years of her struggles after she became the president.

Ms. Suwa’s management reform was a success due to her courage, knowledge, female attentiveness and sense of balance. After 3 years since the book was published, Ms. Suwa is gaining more and more attention from the public. In the drama, Ms. Rina Uchiyama will play the main role as Ms. Suwa.

We hope you will enjoy reading the “tear-jerker business book,” a new bible on how to manage small and medium-sized business, along with the drama on broadcast this fall.

Product Information

Book Title: Machikoba no musume
(The Daughter of a Small Factory in Town)
Author: Takako Suwa
Released Date: November 18, 2014
The Labeled Price: 1,600 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-8222-5056-0
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Delivery: Nikkei BP Marketing, Inc.
Book Size: 127x188mm / Ordinary Make / 248 pages
Introduction: A story of struggles by the second-generation female president, who was born as the second oldest daughter of a family-managing small factory in town and suddenly became the president of the family-owned company at the age of 32 from being an ordinary housewife.
With the management method of good balance between empathy and logic, such as having conversation with the younger employees by exchanging the diaries but also introducing IT in the production management, now Daiya Seki is considered a superior enterprise as people from all over the nation visit to study and observe the company.
This is a book written for the first time by the second-generation president who lead her company to success, also narrating her thoughts and feelings toward her father and brother, and the detailed account of her 10 years after she became the president.
Nikkei BP Book Website

Drama Overview

NHK General TV - Drama 10 series Machikoba no onna (The Woman in a Small Factory in Town)

Broadcast Schedule On air from November 24, 2017 (Friday)
Broadcast Time 10 p.m. - Every Friday (7 episodes)
The Original Book Machikoba no musume (The Daughter of a Small Factory in Town), by Takako Suwa (published by Nikkei BP)
The Cast Rina Uchiyama, Hiroshi Tachi and others

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