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Nikkei BP Announces ITpro EXPO AWARD 2017 Winners:
Grand Prize Goes to Panasonic Toughpad’s Spatial Measurement and Thermal Sensing Technology for Improving Work Efficiency

Tokyo - October 12, 2017 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) has selected and announced the winners of ITpro EXPO AWARD 2017 at ITpro EXPO 2017.

ITpro EXPO AWARD is given to the outstanding products and services showcased at ITpro EXPO 2017 in an easy-to-understand yet impactful manner. All the products and services exhibited at ITpro Expo were subject to the award, and the winners of Grand Prize, Excellence Prize and Special Prize were selected by the editorial teams of professional IT magazines published by Nikkei BP.

In addition to these, specially-selected awards were given by each of ITpro Expo 2017 partner media, ITmedia Enterprise and ZDNet Japan.

The Grand Prize went to Panasonic Toughpad’s spatial measurement and thermal sensing technology for improving work efficiency.

Panasonic Toughpad’s spatial measurement and thermal sensing technology which improves work efficiency is made possible by having Intel RealSence 3D camera and special sensor module with built-in infrared thermography installed to the rugged tablet “Toughpad.” With this solution, work efficiency of inspecting architecture, electric equipment, factory, including degradation monitoring, as well as cargo pickups and warehouse operations, is highly improved. This was highly appraised for utilizing and developing original technology of Panasonic in native, and also for providing smart solution to the field sites with IT technology, evaluated to become this year’s grand prize.

The award winners are as follows:

[Grand Prize]

  • Panasonic Toughpad’s spatial measurement and thermal sensing technology for improving work efficiency

[Excellence Prize]

  • Google Cloud by Google Cloud Japan
  • Smart Electronic Tag by GMO Cloud
  • HPE ProLiant Thin Micro TM200 by Hewlett-Packard Japan
  • LINUX based OS NAS “LANDISK H” by I-O Data Device
  • SIM tip for “SORACOM Air for Cellular” by SORACOM
  • ”MOH-CAL” by Computer Associated Laboratory

[Special Prize]

  • ”KANSAI wo KEICHO (listening to the voice of Kansai)” by Data Process

[ITmedia Enterprise Prize]

  • Visualizing procedures and operations with AR and VR technologies – “Field Protection with Real-Time Visualization” by Toshiba Information Systems

[ZDNet Japan Prize]

  • Forefront of IoT data analyses using AI by NTT Communications

To learn more, please visit the ITpro EXPO AWARD 2017 special website.

[About ITpro EXPO 2017]

ITpro EXPO 2017 is a series of digital innovation events organized by Nikkei Business Publications. Under the name of ITpro Expo 2017, industry-focused ICT events including FACTORY 2017, Cloud Days 2017, Security 2017, IoT Japan 2017, Digital Health Days 2017, Business AI 2017, Business VR 2017, FinTech 2017, Work Style Innovation 2017, Digital Marketing 2017 are to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 11-13, 2017. As part of the cross-media campaign launched in conjunction with the events, the ITpro special website, e-mail newsletters (ITpro Mail EXPO Special) and SNS (Facebook and Twitter) will also follow latest news from the events.

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