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Nikkei BP Announces New Drama Series Based on its Best Seller The Life After Winning a Lottery Prize of 100 Million Yen!

Tokyo – February 27, 2018 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announces to commission a new drama series based on its best-selling business book The Life After Winning a Lottery Prize of 100 Million Yen by Nobuyuki Suzuki, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nikkei Business.

The book sold over 140 thousand copies in total since it was first published in March 2017. The author researched on what happened in the lives of people who many of us will be intrigued to know about, and interviewed such people as “a person who won 100 million yen in a lottery”, as seen in the title, as well as “a person who rented a stigmatized property”, “a person who has a bizarre name”, “a person who has no friends at all” and “a person who prefers to be a renter”. Also including the expert’s views, the book unveils what fates await for them while guiding the reader on the “mindset” of a business person along the way.

Nowadays, we have increasingly diverse life options, but many of us are living with uncertainty, questioning whether “life choices we made” are right and what would have happened if we made “other choices in life”. By introducing various people living in their own unique ways, the book sends a message to the reader that “You can live your life more freely”.

The book has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, radio programs and other media since it was first published, and the drama series inspired by this book finally comes on air.

True to the book The Life after Winning a Lottery Prize of 100 Million Yen, each episode depicts what it is like to “make a life-changing choice and what will happen after that”. Don’t miss to check this drama series as much as the original book.

About the Drama Series

Nippon Television Network, Midnight Drama Shindora Series Part 4:

What Happened to These People after…


[Schedule] On air from Monday, April 23, 2018
[Airing time] Mondays from 0:59 a.m.
[Main cast]

These four guys from the super popular pop group Kis-My-Ft2!

  • Starring Wataru Yokoo:
    What happened to a person who unexpectedly earned millions with cryptocurrency
  • Starring Toshiya Miyata:
    What happened to a person who runs the most-customer-friendly dry cleaning shop in Japan
  • Starring Takashi Nikaido:
    What happened to a person who wanted to live a relaxed country life after being tired of hustle and bustle
  • Starring Kento Senga:
    What happened to a person who rented a stigmatized property
[Producers] Kiyotaka Tokunaga, Yataro Nagamatsu, Masanori Matsuyama
[Production] Shunsuke Kariyama and others
[Production Cooperation] Total Media Communication
[Production Work] Nippon Television J Storm
[The Original Book] The Life After Winning a Lottery Prize of 100 Million Yen, by Nobuyuki Suzuki (published by Nikkei BP)


Product Information

Book Title: The Life After Winning a Lottery Prize of 100 Million Yen
Author: Nobuyuki Suzuki
Released Date: March 28, 2017
The Labeled Price: 1,400 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-8222-3692-2
Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Delivery: Nikkei BP Marketing, Inc.
Book Size: 127x188mm / Ordinary Make / 360pages
Information about the series: “What if I win 100 million yen in a lottery?” With such vague expectation, quite a few business people might have lined up to buy a lottery. In reality, however, what fate may await the person who “won a lottery prize of 100 million yen”?
Our life options are becoming increasingly diverse. Anyone, if they make up their minds, can take on almost any challenge in this era we are living now. With that being said, however, don’t you find that not many of us are actually “trying many things to enjoy our lives”? To be honest, we feel uncertain about what kind of “fate” we must accept after making this specific “choice” in our life.
So, we interviewed these intriguing people as well as experts to find out “what happened to them” after the life-changing event.
If you know that there are various “unique ways of living”, your mind will certainly be unleashed.
Nikkei BP Book Website
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