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Nikkei BP Launched “Nikkei Business Raise”
Media to be Created along with Users

Tokyo – June 18, 2018 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi, Tokyo) has launched “Nikkei Business Raise” (, a new media we create along with users. Beyond the limit of existing media as an information provider, we aim an interactive “open journalism” to be created along with users.

Logo: Nikkei Business Raise

Nikkei Business Raise is “opinion platform” where users can feely post their opinion on the Internet. Users post their comments on “a theme” set by the editorial desk and the desk acts as an intermediate with company executives, officials of relevant ministries and experts who have expertise on the theme. Consequently, the theme is deepened by collecting voices of users.

“Raise” has meanings such as “boost”, “cause”, and “bring up” and “Raise your voice” represents our thoughts of aiming a media that can collect users’ voice, take actions, bring innovations, and support leaders in the next generation.

Raise is operated as one of the sections of “Nikkei Business Online”, comprehensive site on economics and management essential for business leaders. Browsing and posting will be available after free membership registration to Raise. (Non-member is browsing only.)

Nikkei Business Raise will cover various themes to develop discussions with users. Following projects are scheduled to start from June.

Suggestion – Our way of working

What is a way of working to really boost motivation? Reduction of overtime? Acceptation of a second job? Abolishment of time wages? With supports from relevant ministries, implementing companies, and experts, we thoroughly discuss with users and suggest everyone’s satisfactory way of working that company managements need to know.

Open development meeting

Online forum that plans and develops new products and services together with representative companies of Japan. What if there is a product like this? What if it offers a function like this? – it implements “User Innovation” that applies unlimited ideas from users to actual products and services. Themes for the first discussion with users are a new application of “Coestation”, voice synthesis platform by Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation and a new potato chips product by Calbee, Inc.

Online Internship

Web-based internship program in “Dream Company” where everyone can participate. Staffs of the company teach practical operations of marketing, product development and management and physical site visits to offices are also planned, so that participants will get to know the real picture of the company. Five partner companies; Ajinomoto Co., Inc., ANA Holdings Inc., NTT Docomo, Inc., Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation, participate in the program. It is the first case in Japan for multiple companies to jointly conduct online internship.

Open editorial meeting

Media needs Innovation too. This is open journalism originated from such issue awareness. To write a feature article, “Innovation Illusion” in Nikkei Business July 23rd issue, the editorial desk and the open editorial meeting members who are elected by open recruitment will conduct discussions with Raise users. Incorporating opinions from users into editing process including news gathering, it explores requirements to bring “genuine innovation”. The partner companies include The Boston Consulting Group and C Channel Corporation.

Seminar - NextGen

Without being held back by fixed ideas, it is students’ privilege to exchange opinions freewheelingly. This is a discussion room by such students and for students, to hold discussions by gathering companions who have interests in each theme. Also, experts invited by Nikkei Business provide supports to deepen insights.

Laboratory Hirota

System development project hosted by Nozomu Hirota, the most “Programming Geek” in Nikkei Business editorial desk. Leading engineers in Japan will gather to create new network service based on IBM’s AI, “Watson”. You will see whether “theatrical innovation” with fully transparent development process is a success or a failure.

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