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Outstanding Diversity of Content, Just Like that of Our Magazines

Advancing Our Cross-Media Approach and Unique 'Page Value'

Many of the online media offered by Nikkei BP are 'targeted media', specializing in specific fields to meet the needs of their respective target viewers. They include Nikkei Business Online and Nikkei WOMAN online for businesspeople, Nikkei Technology Online and ITpro for engineers, Nikkei TRENDYnet to spice up your private life, and more. Our websites cover a wide range of fields from management and technology to life in general. We offer 17 main sites, which in total boast 125 million page views and 15.3 million unique browsers per month, one of the largest scales in Japan's publishing community.

These online portals and our renowned websites are the engine of our cross-media strategy. We adopt a registration system for most of our websites, to keep them highly targeted just like our print magazines. As a way to gauge the true quality of each website, we have introduced a new measuring system called “page value.” This allows us to evaluate a website from a multifaceted perspective, using three factors of the quality of the content, attributes of the audience, and generally-used page view.

Over 10 digital-magazines in our portfolio and some 450 e-books published annually

Nikkei BP also places a strong focus on digital publishing. We have over 10 digital-magazines in our portfolio, and have published approximately 450 e-books in 2014 alone with the accumulated total reaching roughly 700 titles. While the Nikkei Store website serves as our main digital sales channel, an increasing number of major book stores are becoming the distributors of our digital publications.

Online Portals and Websites

nikkei BPnet
nikkei BPnet

Comprehensive portal of Nikkei BP for all business professionals

Nikkei TRENDYnet
Nikkei TRENDYnet

Site that puts you ahead of the times


NB Online
Nikkei Business Online

Online medium for business executives in the Web age

Nikkei WOMAN Online
Nikkei WOMAN Online

Portal for working women with user-parficipatory content


Nikkei Technology Online

Technology portal for engineers supporting Japan's manufacturing sector

Nikkei Technology Online Chinese

Portal site for Chinese engineers and management


IT Pro

General information site for IT professionals

ECO Japan

Website for the Chinese readers involved in the environmental field


Nikkei Medical Online
Nikkei Medical Online
Responding to the information needs of physicians and healthcare practitioners

Nikkei BioTech Online
Nikkei Biotech ONLINE

The only portal site for the latest biotech news


Nikkei Real Estate Market Report
Nikkei Real Estate Market Report

Japan's real estate investment news in English


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