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Nikkei BP Intelligence Group providing solution support for private and public sectors

Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, established in September 2015, supports private and public sectors on their business solutions, marketing efforts, brand buildings and technology developments by utilizing Nikkei Business Publications' expertise and information dissemination. The Group managing its specialized research institutes with experiences and track records provides broad and in-depth assistances for the business activity.

NIKKEI BP Intelligence Group

Action Policy

  • Support companies solving management challenges
  • Policy planning support for national and regional governments solving social challenges
  • Contribute to promote globalization of companies
  • Provide information support as a think tank of a media publisher
  • Provide services based on in-depth analyses and insights underpinned by rich expertise


Institutes of Nikkei BP Intelligence Group

ICT Innovation Research Institute Suggesting solutions based on abundant knowledge in ICT

Taking advantage of its expertise and network developed in ICT business for years, ICT Innovation Research Institute provides research and consulting services by utilizing its sophisticated ability of collecting information and analysis. It offers a range of marketing solutions including planning and operation of owned media, themed website and private seminars.


Marketing Strategy Institute Expertise in lifestyle information to stimulate organizational reform

Based on our expertise in publishing lifestyle information magazines, the Institute provides useful knowledge, know-how and networks for the projects of companies, public offices and other entities to help them achieve sustainable organizational growth. The services cover various fields, including: research and educational projects for promoting the active participation of women in workplace, recreation of region, healthcare and product development, market trend analysis from the perspective of consumers, consulting services based on market forecast, product development capitalizing on high expertise, and media strategy planning.


Clean Tech Institute Organization to support successful information strategies in environmental issues, energy and social infrastructure

Focusing on the field of new technology and energy, the Institute provides strategic support for companies eyeing to develop and expand cross-industrial partnerships, technology strategies, new apps, new business models, and global business reach. Playing multiple roles as a mass media house, a research agency, a think tank and a consulting firm, the Institute stimulates the rise of new movements based on its research results, and suggests best strategies on the back of new trends.


Medical Institute Solve challenges of corporations in the medical and health field

Support solving both BtoC, BtoB issues of companies in the medical and health field, taking advantage of the expertise in medical care such as from Nikkei Medical, and obtaining cooperation of experts i.e. 135,000 doctor members and 90,000 pharmacist members subscribing Nikkei Medical Online.


Institute of Infrastructure Media think-tank specialized in building and architecture

Based on expertise in the fields of architecture, housing, civil engineering (city planning) and real estate, the Institute takes part in research initiatives of the Japanese government, while also providing support for the upstream stages of local government projects. Recently, projects such as new business creation support in the private sector are in demand.


Visionary Management Institute Providing management solutions from a leader's point of view

Since the environment surrounding business is rapidly changing, the leaders need to set their vision to manage their corporations. From creating management vision to corporate branding, staff education, marketing, PR and advertising, the Institute offers a wide range of management solutions for top executives and next-generation of business leaders.


Mirai Institute Forecasting the future to support strategic planning in business

The Institute serves as a specialized organization to forecast the future trends of industries and society, and based on its forecast, assists companies with strategic planning and future business projects. In addition to compiling trusted reports such as Mirai Yosoku Report (Future Prospect Report, published in 2006), has published over 10 reports such as Mega Trends , Technology Roadmap, and has been introduced in over 2000 companies. The Institute also offers consulting and research services to support management strategy planning, and new business development.


The Institute of SME Management & Leadership Support the growth and sound management of SME

In order to build a society where small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) supporting Japanese economy can keep growing for many years, the Institute helps them grow and achieve sound management in various ways such as offering information, survey, education and consulting by making use of knowledge Nikkei BP has attained in the field of management, technology and lifestyle.


Established B-to-B Research Capability Underpins Our Services

The research skill and know-how that Nikkei BP Group has cultivated over 40 years are consolidated in Nikkei BP Consulting.

With its rich resource of knowledgeable staff, each with his / her specialty, and extensive survey samples of over 3 million people in total, consisting mainly of the readers of Nikkei BP's B-to-B magazines in the fields of IT, electronics, healthcare, environment, construction, and management, Nikkei BP Consulting offers highly reliable research and consulting on topics related to business trends at individual, company, and industry-wide levels.

As your partner in research and consulting, Nikkei BP Consulting offers a spectrum of services to improve clients' competitiveness. Among its key researches are after-sale service surveys and customer satisfaction surveys, conducted in collaboration with Nikkei Business, Nikkei Computer, and other Nikkei BP magazines. The brand consulting business includes publication of survey reports, such as its flagship "Brand Japan", and services to help clients set up their strategies and frameworks for branding. It also offers technical solutions to improve the clients' web marketing strategies based on detailed analysis of the target viewers' behaviors.

Nikkei BP Consulting publishes a variety of indices that can be used as benchmarks for businesses and industries, through partnering with "After-sales Service Survey" by Nikkei Business, "Customer Satisfaction Survey" by Nikkei Computer and other specialized media services of Nikkei BP.

We plan and organize Japan’s largest brand evaluation project "Brand Japan" and release its questionnaire survey results and data. Being neutral and unbiased, we also conduct surveys on establishing PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycles for branding.

Our Web Brand Survey is Japan's largest questionnaire survey on website evaluation. We also offer a full-range of website consulting services, including website diagnosis, access log analysis, strategic planning for website redesigning, and measures for improving conversion rates.


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